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CAIRNS - Aquarium & Dundee's

The kids loved this place! Very educational. It’s Australia’s newest and most spectacular aquarium. We spent a couple of hours looking at the many different species and colourful marine life. It is very well maintained and the exhibits are incredible.

The seahorses had us all captivated. There is just something magical and intriguing about this delicate creature. Did you know they hold tails with their mate when they sleep! They are almost a fantasy animal aren’t they?

We followed the set route once inside, due to Covid restrictions you could only go in one direction. Nice to walk around at your own pace and not get rushed. There were fish, fish galore, plus displays with snakes, frogs, turtles, jellyfish, crocodiles and even stick insects. The final area has a massive wraparound tank with many different types of fish and huge rays and sharks.

The kids giggled with excitement when they touched the sea cucumbers and blue starfish in the ‘Touch and Talk’ exhibit.

We even stayed for dinner. Yes, that’s right, the restaurant is called Dundee’s at Cairns Aquarium. WOW! WOW! WOW! A dining experience like no other. With a huge aquarium as our backdrop we were mesmerised by the fish while we were eating our meals. For once the kids did not get bored during a restaurant meal - they were busy being captivated by the antics of the fish. The food presentations were faultless. All our meals were sensational (Hubby even tried the crocodile spring rolls) and the desserts were superb. If you only eat out once while you are on holiday in Cairns then this is the place. So impressive, we will always remember this remarkable experience. They are open for lunch or dinner and bookings are essential.


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